Data Science for Practical Economic Research

2020 S1S2

Jul 11

Homework 7

  • Homework 07 has been released and is due by Wednesday, July 22.
  • Please refer to the demo Professor Kucheryavyy has provided in the Piazza post for help.

Announcements | お知らせ

Important information

This website serves as a supplement to Professor Konstantin Kucheryavyy’s Data Science for Practical Economic Research course.

  • Please check Piazza regularly for announcements.
  • Lectures are held every Tuesday, 14:55 - 16:40 (4限). The Zoom link can be found on UTAS.


In this course, we will study the fundamentals of machine learning, with a focus on economic applications. Topics include:

  • Supervised machine learning: under-fitting and over-fitting, regularization, cross-validation, data augmentation
  • Unsupervised machine learning: clustering, factor analysis, principal component analysis, independent component analysis
  • Semi-supervised learning